dedicated to improving the local building industry

Vikingland Builders Association is a non-profit, professional trade organization that brings licensed builders, remodelers, and those associated with the building industry together for the common purpose of improving the local building industry. We advocate at the local, state, and national levels; provide resources, education and networking opportunities to our members, and host events that foster solid relationships between the community and our members.

We also serve as a resource to our community by providing a membership list of qualified industry professionals who can assist in building your new home or remodel project.

Our history

The Vikingland Builders association began as an idea from Brian Berg to bring builders and others in the building industry together. He and the following founding members believed there was strength in numbers:

  • Brian Berg
  • Bernie Womback
  • Clarence Lang
  • Tom Collins
  • Tom Sinning
  • Phil Haabala
  • Paul Klimek
  • Leighton Brown
  • Tim Cullen
  • Larry Puls
  • Jody Schimek
  • Pat Ellingson
  • Wally Tischer
  • Marty Tuttle

Together, this group of quiet and humble people made a difference in our community by doing things like:


agenda review

Proactively reviewed agendas for the County Commissioner and City meetings to see if there is anything that would impact the builders. If they discovered such topics, they would call the members and ask them to attend those meetings and ensure their shared voice could be heard. In doing so, they stopped ordinances that would have been detrimental to the building community.


contractor's day

They started Contractor’s Day which provided continuing education for the members. They were able to support contractors in obtaining their contractor’s license by providing proof of education to the state.

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home tour

Launched the Parade of Homes which is now known as the Home Tour. It was a great opportunity for builders to meet the public and answer questions about the home and their work.


home show

Collaborated with KXRA on the Home Show, which was held at Jefferson High School. At that time, they used to create a garden and a home in the front of the school entrance.

Perhaps the most important thing this group did was not to build homes, but a sense of comradery among the builders and associate members in our community. Many of the members were competitors but time and again, they came together to support one another. That foundation is the legacy that new members and directors of the Vikingland Builders Association honor today.